Here is the track list for the album, including a brief description of each song, or more accurately, the inspiration behind them. Also included are details of the wonderful people who were able to sponsor (for US$1000) or co-sponsor ( for US$500) a song and help so generously with the recording costs. 

Anna writes: 

Ever since I was a little girl, I've always wanted the 'fairytale' - true, deep, unconditional love. Someone who I can be totally myself with and who loves me just as I am. As I love him. Someone who I can share my whole life with. I can feel him in my heart. He's around me. Whoever he is. I dream of him - my friend, my lover, my soulmate...the answer to my prayers. and

Cindy specializes in spiritual journeys around the world and loves teaching alternative healing techniques, especially, Light Activation Healing System.


I consider myself a strong person but I am also very sensitive. And when I feel, I feel deeply which can often be overwhelming! I always say I am the most human person you will ever meet but sometimes, it’s not easy to be so vulnerable. However, there are moments in life when being vulnerable and totally honest with myself and others is the only way to be. To let the mask fall can be frightening but also extremely freeing. Because I know, somewhere deep down, despite all the uncertainty that comes with letting myself feel every emotion, I am healing, moving forward... and that something amazing is just around the corner.

Creating everyday miracles in all areas of your life


Sometimes I wonder, why is it that people are so quick to judge my body as different, disabled, abnormal, limited? But then why am I? I know that as soon as I feel comfortable with it, others probably wouldn't even notice what I get so conscious about. Or maybe my eyes would just be blind to the stares and misperceptions? That's when my body reminds me that all is as it's meant to be. That maybe if I could just go with the flow rather than making it my enemy, then others would be accepting too because my body is not separate from me, it is how I can be here, alive, breathing on this Earth. That for all it's seeming limitations, just the fact I am here is perfect in itself. But I know deep down that I am so much more - so much more inside, and all I need to do is let that out. Then those who really want to see me, will see me....ALL of me.


I believe in Angels. I believe in the miracles that can happen when we ask for their help! Their greatest gift to me is to know that, whenever I call, they are guiding, protecting and comforting my every step, shining a light of the brightest kind and reminding me of their ever - loving presence wherever I go.

Lisa has acted in film, television and commercials.

London - based Reiki Master, Theta Healing™ Practitioner and Angel Therapy Practitioner®


Despite all the tireless efforts we make to compare each other - what we look like, how old we are, where we live, what we’ve done and haven’t done - we all have hopes and dreams and a heart that just wants to love and be loved. So maybe we are more similar than we think? Maybe the rest are just details? But of course, sometimes I wonder about the details...especially when I wonder if someone I love might love me back.


Years ago I took a class in Ireland that changed my life. During that time, I learnt so many skills and healed in profound ways that I did not expect! I have carried those special days with me ever since. However, for me, an experience is always about the people I meet and one in particular touched my heart deeply and has continued to do so. I will be forever grateful for her wisdom, understanding and for her enormous capacity to love. She is an inspiration to me and a huge reason why I am able to create this CD. and

Awen is a spiritual teacher and healer who travels the world inspiring people to live their highest potential. She is the founder of "Alpha-Angel-Healing®" and Power Your Life Training

Recently, in my own journey I’ve realized, in our caring, how easy it can be to want to make someone feel better and do whatever we can to ease someone’s pain by giving advice, opinions, treatments and anything else we can think of! But the truth is, we can never know exactly what someone feels or needs because we are not them! So in my case, what is often most helpful when I’m having a challenging time, is simply to know that I am not alone, that I am supported through whatever comes my way. Then it’s not about the “doing”, it’s about just being there, because to me, love is what counts.

Intuitive, Angel Therapist®, Net Worth Coach, and Reiki Master A "messenger of the Messengers" helping people to create the life they dream of


It is my feeling, with the media we have these days, that “Peace” has become just a word to some, and an event that will occur when this group of people get it “right” or when another “stops doing that”. But let’s remember that while we cannot change anyone, we can make a huge difference by choosing to focus on the peace within and around us and in turn, teach by example. The time is NOW!


My friendships are so important to me. There are some amazing people in my life who lift me up when I'm low and are happy to celebrate my good times too! When I look back at significant moments over the years, I so often think of my friends - some of whom I've grown up with and others who I've more recently met. I really don't know what I'd do without the unique love and support each one of them gives me. I treasure them all in my heart. This song is for them and shares my hope that we will know each other for many years to come.


I realize that sometimes in relationships, no matter how much people care for one another, they know deep down that the only way to move forward is to go their separate ways. It may be possible to return together again but there comes a point when they have to let go, even if they have no idea what will happen next. It's so hard to end any kind of relationship, I know, and yet sometimes, it's best to leave before the love is buried.